Here we are….

After taking the ovarian reserve test “for fun” with my girlfriends, I was chocked to found out that my ovarian reserve was very poor. In plain language, I might be 30 but my ovaries feel 43! That unfortunately means that I have a very slim chance of getting pregnant.

Of course I decided to do the AMH test again – another £120 by the way. And the result was similar : 2 pmol/l. This time we did the test at the fertility clinic and the consultant kindly pointed out : it is time to get moving if I want to have a chance to have my own child. He said that he recommended IVF immediately, but I want to give “trying naturally” a shot before I go down the super medical route.

We have put our holidays plans on hold, changed our immediate plans to move house in order to prioritise trying to get pregnant. In addition, I came to the conclusion that we needed to start saving in case we needed to get IVF – as unfortunately we live in an area only funding one cycle. I found out that a cycle of IVF cost £5,000 and that we would only have 1 in 4 chance of getting pregnant. I read about this treatment before but always thought that the chances of success where much higher than that!

To find out what your NHS provision is locally, I recommend looking on the infertility network website.

I have done some on-line research and found that to improve my chances of pregnancy, I would need to find out when I am most fertile. That is quite ironic after years on the pill, I am now desperate to find out when would be the best time for us to get baby dancing (yes- that is the official terminology 😉 ).

So I bought a year on DuoFertility which cost quite a bit (£500), but has a special offer on at the moment: they will refund me if I do not get pregnant this year.

I also bought a Clear Blue Fertility monitor. Which is cheaper (£100) but I will have to buy disposable tests to use it every month. So this may end up costing me quite a bit too.

I have also ordered an OvaCue, but it comes from the USA and I have not yet received it, so I will start this month without it (it costs £250).

Anyway, over a year I will (hopefully) have paid less than £1500. I didn’t find anyone comparing these fertility monitors/services online and decided to write about them so that other women looking for this information will know about this.

If you have any comments or questions, get in touch!



One thought on “Here we are….

  1. I absolutely love that you are doing this! I have been researching online about OvaCue and CLear Blue but haven’t been convinced by the reviews that either of these products will actually work for me. I had not heard of DuoFertility but it is intriguing. My DH and I have been TTC for 12 months now and I dont want my desperation to make me spend $ irrationally. This side by side review is most interesting. Most reviews Ive read have said “oh I tried X for a while and nothing happened but then all of a sudden I switched to Y and boom…pregnant” Give me a break. I think you have the right idea to try all three and thanks letting all us hopefuls watch on and follow your results. Wishing you success! For now I will stick with my basal thermometer and pee sticks.

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