First night with the monitors

Unfortunately I realised that I needed batteries to get my clearblue monitor to work…and that was not included in the box. Given that it was boxing day, the shops were closed and therefore I will have to wait until tomorrow.

I got my duofertility started and that was quite easy. 2 minutes to set it up on the computer. I recorded my medical history : low ovarian reserve as well as a possible luteal phase deficiency as  I tend to have a few days of spotting before my period and I read that this was linked. I recorded my last periods on the monitor – that is pretty easy to do. I have also added cervical mucus as I have noticed a bit of that in the last few days.

And after a couple of minutes I got my “green days”. This is what they call the days when I am fertile. The light green ones are a little fertile while the dark green day is our best day. Apparently we should try to make love twice during this time. With the Christmas holidays we are visiting friends and family – so that it not going to be easy to fit in!

And I already have an email from the fertility doctors asking me for more details about my low ovarian reserve and how my luteal phase deficiency was detected. This is quite impressive to get an email so soon after Christmas!

And my friend told me that she sent me the OvaCue just before Christmas (from the USA) and I hope to get it in the next couple of days.


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