WARNING: Do not start your clearblue monitor in the evening!!!

We now have a new trendy feature to our toilets: a pot of pee!

Yes, this is particularly “charming”! And this is the result of my inability to read instructions. I didn’t realise that by setting up my clearblue monitor in the evening, I would only be able to use the monitor in the evening. Which is against the recommendation of using the morning urine! So to remedy this I have to pee in a pot every morning, and leave it until the monitor allows me to test: in the evening!

Now, looking at the results… and what the monitors are telling us to do. Well, I don’t know which one is right but they disagree!

  • ClearBlue tells us that we are in low fertility
  • DuoFertility tells us that today is the best day

So evidently we are following the advice of the most optimistic of the 2, but I wonder if there is something wrong with one of the monitors. Surely they should give us the same information!


One thought on “WARNING: Do not start your clearblue monitor in the evening!!!

  1. I had the same problem with my clearblue monitor – you need to take out the batteries to reset it. Good luck, it worked for me after 7 months.
    I din’t know about duofertility but it looks pretty good!

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