Monitors giving different results ….again.

Happy new year everyone!

Hopefully 2013 will be full of lovely surprises.

On the fertility side, it is not starting too well: today is day 14 and on my basic biology knowledge this is when I thought that I should ovulate.

However, my Duofertility and my Clearblue monitors are still not giving me the same “fertility status“. I am getting a bit worried that something may be wrong with my body – or that I have wasted my money.

DuoFertility is telling me that today is our last fertile days (and that the chance of conception are very low as ovulation has just occurred apparently) and Clearblue still has not seen my fertile days. I still have “low fertility“.

I wonder if the fact that I have low ovarian reserve can give me false readings on the ClearBlue. But I cannot find any explanation online about this.

Can a £100 monitor really take several months to be accurate???

Apparently , the answer is “yes” , I read on the fertility friend forum that it may take several months before Clearblue can give prediction! 

Don’t panic if you don’t get a high for your first few months using cbfm as it has to ‘learn’ your cycle first in order to make predictions.

(note: cbfm means Clearblue Fertility monitor)

If that is the case, this is an absolute waste of money, I am not willing to pay this price to have to wait until the monitor learns about my cycles, this is non-sense! With every months that I wait my ovaries are getting less and less likely to give me good eggs. Moreover the ClearBlue monitor is only giving prediction and doesn’t seem to confirm when ovulation takes place – so for several months, I will get no use out of this kit.

As you can tell I am getting slightly frustrated.


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