another month…

This month wasn’t meant to be… as you can see on my chart, I have not seen my husband much this month. Too many business trips to fit much “us time“.

My cycle was particularly short this month, which is not ideal, but I have a call booked with the fertility experts at duofertility to discuss on Monday. I wonder if this is affecting my chances.

Anyway, for a first cycle I thought that the DuoFertility monitor was much better than the ClearBlue.

All my results are logged, so I can look back at the month,whereas the clearblue has no option to go back in time. So I have logged my clearblue  information on my duofertility chart for now.

I am not sure if this was right, but at least duofertility gave me a prediction of my fertile days and then confirmed that ovulation took place on day 13. Clearblue was very late at telling me that I was in “high fertility” but kept telling me this for much longer than reasonable. I cannot ovulate as late as day 20 if my cycle is 22 days long!

The timing of the sample for the clearblue is very inconvenient, I wonder how you are supposed to manage when you go on holidays in a different time zone?? At least I can check my information on the duofertility any day and any time of the day. For my new cycle, I set the menstruation at 6am so I will be able to incorporate this better into my routine. I am not looking forward to the weekend though as that means that I cannot have a lazy morning.

The duofertility sensor is quite comfortable  I have been wearing it day and night, but I have read that other women just wear it at night. For optimum comfort I have noticed that I have to place it where there is no wires on my bra.   So that I cannot feel it during the day. I also wore it in the gym and that didn’t bother me, however I have had to change the sticky adhesive after the gym as I don’t think that it will be very secure given how much I sweat ;).

And this month I am intrigued to start using my OvaCue monitor. I got this in the post last week and I must say that it looks scary! There is a small monitor with an oral probe to place in the mouth first thing in the morning,…. and there is a long metal rod which is supposed to be a vaginal probe. I have not yet tried it, but just handling it I felt that it was super cold! This is also to be used first thing in the morning…so I guess that it will wake me up! 😉

Clearly I am not the only one finding this slightly disturbing

The Ovacue also has a software so I assume that my information will be logged there like in the duofertility, which is good.

Anyway, I am looking forward to another month of fun.


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