Ovarian reserve – DHEA

Can DHEA help with low ovarian reserve?

Low ovarian reserve  is one of the major, often overlooked, causes of female infertility. As women get older, their ovarian reserve naturally declines. Approximately 10 percent of women, however, experience this decline of ovarian function much earlier than others. This means that if their Ovarian reserve is evaluated, it is found to be lower than what is expected for their age. These women are considered to suffer from premature ovarian aging (POA). That is me 😦  I do not think that I look particularly old … but clearly my ovaries do!

Some centers are now using  of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) during infertility treatment worldwide, benefitting thousands of women every year who, otherwise, would have had no choice but to resort to egg donation.


age-specific FSH and AMH levels


Dr Gleicher has seen AMH results increase when patients take DHEA supplementation. He also repeated several case studies with a better response of the ovaries to treatment when the woman is taking DHEA. His recent article can be read here

Typically, it will take 2-6 months for this improvement to be clearly seen in blood tests. But he thinks that DHEA may have a positive effect on egg quality of women with low ovarian reserve.

Here is some more information on low ovarian reserve and fertility.

This is a pretty good video to watch.


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