Another strange cycle…Day 8.

I am not getting consistant results again between my 2 monitors.

Clearblue is telling me that I am in “high fertility” since day 5. this is very strange as I am still spotting on day 8. My cervical fluid is not present yet, so I really do not think that I am fertile.

But at least this cycle I got the monitor reset to log results in the morning so I do not have to make a measurement at night and therefore having to keep my “pot of pee” in the bathroom!

Duofertility is indicating that I start my fertile days tomorrow. This is super convenient : the weekend falls in the middle. A perfect escuse for a romantic get away. It is so cold outside that I do not think that outdoors activities will be at the top of our mind! 🙂

And OvaCue… well I still didn’t get the thing to work. My husband is going to have a look at it tonight and hopefully he will make sense of it for me.  Not that easy to use or set up.  Reading the materials I am quite surprised to read : “we recommend using the vaginal sensor prior to intercourse or taking the reading at least 8 hours after intercourse“. I really wonder who “conceived” this product – surely not a woman and definitely not someone trying to get pregnant! As they would know that an 8h window between intercourse and waking for a measurment is very unlikley to occur on a weekday!



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