Ok,  so today I am on day 10 of my cycle… noticing that my fertility signs indicate that I am getting more fertile – my cervical mucus is getting more stretchy.

cervical mucusYou will be glad to know that this is not a photo I took myself…. I found it online on the baby center. 😉

I understand that this is a good sign to use, but I must say that this is not the sort of “inspection” hat I will be doing once we stopped trying…


As you can read in my previous post I am quite surprised by the way the kit works so far…. but  at the moment all of my cycles days are “light blue”….so I am “possibly fertile” and have been since the start of my cycle!


I am in my “high fertility phase” since I started testing….which I cannot believe as I am sure that we cannot be highly fertile for 6 days!… but I am looking forward to getting my peak. I wonder if it is measuring something, or just counting days in the calendar – if that is the case I do not need to spend 100£ on it!


According to the duofertility monitor, we are most fertile today tomorrow and Monday. It seems easier to be sure of the date with this monitor as it confirms when ovulation has occurred.


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