ovacue readings are very variable…I wonder if it is working

I have got the OvaCue working again – or my husband did anyway…but I am very surprised to see how variable the readings are. I am not 100% sure what the kit is supposed to measure ( except for electrolytes), but they say that “you shouldn’t take several readings in one day as the results may be different”.

This is what the OvaCue graph should look like over a whole cycle:

sample OvaCue

Note that the Oral readings should be between 100-150, except for the Cue day when it is 225.

An note that the Vaginal readings should be 200-250 during the whole cycle, except for the few days before ovulation when it should be 100-125.

Being curious about this warning (which to me sounds like they don’t want us to test how unreliable the system might be),  as we set it up, we tried to see how variable these measurements were ;)…and I am completely baffled by how variable the results are:

For the oral measurements, I have got:

ovacue 19jan oral

And this is all done in a few minutes… I cannot understand how you can get as much variation in a few minutes when this is the sort of variation that the kit is supposed to detect ovulation over a whole cycle. As in a few minutes I have seen as much variation as I should have over the whole month.

I got similar noise – if not more from the vaginal probe – which is very uncomfortable to use as it is cold metal:

OvaCue 19 Jan Vaginal

I think that once my cycle is over I will try to see if the measurements vary because of my body or because the kit is not accurate. I think that I can probably test this with a glass of water containing some salt (as I think that it would contain electrolytes)… and that will definitely not change within a few minutes.

I will keep you posted on my little experiment… but so far I am a bit worried that it give completely random graphs!

The other possibility of course is that I have ovulated during my little experiment – that would have been good timing 😉

Anyway, at the moment all of my cycles days are “light blue”….so I am “possibly fertile” according to my OvaCue monitor.

ovacue legend



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