OvaCue giving me crazy results!!!

Ok, so this morning before a bit of fun I used  the OvCue – with the cold rod this is not a turn on for sex!

And the result was very surprising: apparently I am “dark blue“, which means that I am most fertile on Friday. This will be day 16. If it is anything like last month, I would be very surprised if this was true.

Surely if I ovulated on day 13 last month, I will ovulate then again.

I will wait and see…

DuoFertility indicates that i am still fertile today and tomorrow and that this is it.

Clearblue is telling me that I am in my “high fertility phase“. So for once these 2 match.

I find some ladies comparing the OvaCue and the Clearblue here , and it appears that the OvaCue has a longer learning curve than the Clearblue. Oh dear! the clear blue has given me an 8 days of “high fertility” so far with no signs of it stopping, so I am not looking forward to the OvaCue taking longer than that! or I will still be there in 2014!


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