So on Friday – Ovacue came up with a “purple box”??!!

I think that this means that ovacue does not know when I ovulated. I cannot see how the readings can mean anything – it is so variable!

The manual states that :

“A decline in the vaginal readings following ovulation can indicate the presence of a fertility issue that warrants

further investigation. The OvaCue® is the only fertility monitor that can detect this unexpected shift in vaginal hormones post ovulation, providing you with valuable information about your cycle.

[ ]There are a number of possible explanations[ ] :These include the occurrence of unexpected hormonal fluctuations or the occurrence of secondary fertility (multiple follicular stimulation). For more information about the purple box and secondary fertility, please contact Customer Service or visit”

I contacted them a few days ago ( on Friday) – and I am still waiting for an answer!

I am very suspicious that I can ovulate twice in a cycle – surely if I have low ovarian reserve I do not have spare eggs popping out part way through my luteal phase!

If I get an answer from them, I will share this information.


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