Not pregnant this month….

Despite my temperature being quite high, I have taken a pregnancy test this morning and it was negativenot even the slightest line indicating a possible pregnancy.

My temperature seems to have taken quite a few days to get up to the maximum level. It was getting a little higher – although quite variable for the 4-5 days after ovulation, and then it got higher and more stable for the last 5 days (note that I have not yet started by periods) and that apparently has 2 possible explanations:

  •  Either I got pregnant and the second step was linked with the hormone increasing when the baby sticks to my womb – but that is unlikely given that I had a negative test.
  • Either I have a problem with my progesterone level  – which may well be the case give that I have experienced a few days of spotting before my period start. Maybe my ovaries are not only poor in eggs, but also in their stock of progesterone to start using after ovulation.

What happens during a cycle

Talking to the duofertility team, it appears that there are different ways of looking at this, and their recommendation was to speak to my doctor to see what option is best for me. I could wait for another couple of cycles to see if this just random, if I didn’t want to wait I could take clomid (which is usually helping ovulation, however it also seem to help progesterone levels), or I could take progesterone supplements (however apparently the UK doctors don’t usually give this medication but as I travel to Germany once a month for my job, I could see a doc there instead). They also explained that my stressful job could affect my chances of pregnancy as stress can cause low progesterone.

I found some interesting reading here:

“If progesterone levels drop too soon (usually within a few days of ovulation), then the body will automatically think that it is time to flush out the uterus and start all over again. Very short cycles (usually less than 24 days) is usually a sign of this type of luteal phase defect.”

My cycles are indeed quite short – the last one was 22 days (currently I am on 25 days)

Reading the information on how clomid and progesterone can help – there is a lot of mixed messages out there.

Anyway, it looks like I now have to wait until the end of the cycle… hopefully it will not be too long!

I think that I will see my doctor back home the week after next as I never feel welcome at my GP here in England – he never has time for me and doesn’t want to talk about fertility with me. So I will not be able to start clomid this month given that I would have to take it in the first week of my new cycle.

Let’s see what happens!



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