My periods started 2 days ago, so I am having a fresh start.
I have been a bit disoriented in the last few days as I have had a faint positive pregnancy test. It was not very clear, but it was definitely there. And then the following day it was negative again.

I spoke with my duofertility advisor who reassured me. It is either that the pregnancy test was duff, or that I had a chemical pregnancy. Given that my luteal phase was quite long and that they could see a sign of implantation, it is likely to be a real pregnancy.
If it is a chemical pregnancy, it is apparently a good sign as it indicates that everything works. I am a bit worried about it as my poor ovarian reserve could indicate a bad egg quality. But my advisor said that 1 in 4 couples experience some sort of miscarriage.

So we are starting again with a fresh mind. But I hope that next time I have a positive pregnancy test, it will be for 9 months.

So implantation is when the embryo gets attached to the womb and starts growing. Apparently this is a time when a whole new set of hormones are being produced. One of those is the pregnancy hormone which get the pregnancy tests positive.
Anyway, it’s the magical moment that I am so looking forward to!!!

I have been loosing sleep over this for a couple of night, but I feel that now that I have spoken to my advisor, I have put things into perspective.


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