Preparing to see my gynecologist

As I am home (Berlin) for a few days, I am going to take advantage to see my doctor.
I am not too sure if I should be discussing the fact that I have been using 3 fertility monitors _ she may think that I am mad.


I have been trying to get to the Ovacue software, but it doesn’t seem to work. Maybe it is because I am in Europe and it can only work from the USA? I will therefore have to plot it on an Excel document. I cannot make sense of it, but maybe she will be able to.
I want to ask my doctor if it is possible to ovulate twice in a cycle. The duofertility team told me that it was very unlikely more than 24h apart. I will see what my doctor says.
I did receive an email from the Ovacue support team, but it wasn’t very helpful.

I have printed my charts to show her what data I have as well as couple of emails I have got from the experts. If my doctor was in England or the USA, I could have provided her with a login details to access it from her practice. This could have been so helpful so I could ask her questions when I have doubts or worry. The duofertility team is good, but I have known my gynaecologist well since I was 12, so I really value her view. It is not the same.
I definitely want her opinion on the possibility of the implantation. And if she thinks that I conceived when that happened. As from what I understand it happened at the time when duofertility told me that I was fertile, but the other monitors didn’t.

Clearblue fertility monitor
I got an email from one of the doctors from clearblue, and he was indicating that the monitor may not work for me as I have a fertility condition. Well I didn’t see anywhere on their site that I shouldn’t have bought it because I have a low ovarian reserve. This seems to me like an escuse for it not to work.
The monitor has not asked me to test yet this cycle, however I have set it up a day too late as my periods started during the day and I wanted to make sure that the testing time would be first thing in the morning to avoid the drama of the first cycle. Anyway I didn’t figure out how to set the monitor to day 2 of my cycle. Hopefully it will not cause issues.
I have made records of the results in my diary, so I can show my doctor that. I am confused as to why I have had no peak so far. Could it be that I do not ovulate? But if that was the case I wouldn’t have got pregnant last cycle? And duofertility couldn’t confirm ovulation?

I hope that my gynaecologist will have answers to some of my questions and be able to help me with my luteal phase. I am worried to lose the pregnancy again if it happens.

Anyway, today is Valentine’s day, so we went out for a nice dinner, but I should not be spending the evening in front of my blog ! I will not get pregnant like that! 😉


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