Antral follicle count – another measure of ovarian reserve

So I happened to visit my doctor too late for starting clomid, but it was the perfect timing to count my antral follicles. Ho yes, it is very exciting!

It was definitely not the most comfortable of exams. She used an internal ultrasonic machine. And we could see my ovaries on the screen with a few black spots. Those are the antral follicles. So one of the test to measure ovarian reserve (as well as FSH and AMH which I have done already) is the AFC = antral follicle count.

Each of those follicle has an egg inside it, so counting them allows the doctor to count how many eggs are getting ready.

Anyway, she found 5 follicles, which confirms that my ovarian reserve is low. She reassured me by saying that because we had not been trying for very long it may still happen naturally.

Looking at my charts, she agreed that my luteal phase looked weak. And she prescribed progesterone supplements – vaginal tablets containing 100mg of progesterone. I have to take them for 2 weeks after ovulation.

Apparently it is very important to be sure that I ovulated, as the progesterone may prevent my ovaries from releasing the egg! So I can only start after duofertility confirmed ovulation.


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