My gynaecologist recommended ovulation tests

So I had a good appointment with my doctor, she reassured me about the possible implantation/chemical pregnancy and said the same as the duo fertility team – nothing to worry about for now. So I feel happier about it. She also confirmed that as far as she could see it had nothing to do with my low ovarian reserve!

She has had several of her patients use the Clearblue fertility monitor but has said that in her opinion the ovulation tests are better than the monitor for the couples who have difficulties conceiving. Apparently the monitor is not as good as observing yourself the line get darker and darker day after day on the ovulation tests. She recommended the non-digital tests rather than the digital.




She didn’t know about the ovacue or the duofertility, but she looked them up during our consultation. She found that the ovacue looked not very scientific – she thought that it works like the ovulation microscopes which are not reliable at all apparently. She said that I was probably wasting my time with it. And she also confirmed that if I ovulated twice last cycle it would have happened within 2 days, so the ovacue was probably inaccurate.

Her views of the duofertility is that it was a better way of doing the body basal temperature, and that it was useful to have experts reviewing the data. I printed a few of the emails that I have exchanged with the team and she agreed with their interpretation. That is at least reassuring. She was however surprised that it could predict my fertile days – she thought that this could just be done with ovulation tests. I told her that both cycles it had predicted ovulation and that it seemed accurate.

So going forward, I will add ovulation tests to my testing panel! I collect urine for the clearblue fertility monitor so it doesn’t change too much to do that test as well! One more thing to dip! I need to open a lab in the bathroom at home!





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