A blood test to tell which monitor is telling the truth

I have big doubts about my ovulation date again… So I went to do a blood test today and I will get my results tomorrow. I want to know if I can use my progesterone supplement or not. The GPs needed a week notice to plan such a test, so I paid for a private one at the private clinic.

If the progesterone level is high, then that means that I have ovulated. I therefore will start taking progesterone capsules tomorrow morning. My ovulation has been confirmed by Duofertility on Saturday, so tomorrow (Tuesday) I will try to help my body make a better womb lining for letting an embryo stick to it.

I was not very sure that my ovulation had really happened as the rise in temperature is not as big as it was last month, but the DuoFertility team confirmed it. So I feel confident that I could start taking my progesterone, but given that the other monitors are not confirming it I really want to have my mind at rest. If I take progesterone too early, I can prevent ovulation from happening.

The clearblue fertility monitor still isn’t working for me. I have read on forums that it seem to work for other women, but maybe it is not too good if you have low ovarian reserve. As recommended by my doctor I have used ovulation test (first response) and I got 2 days with a very faint test line on the ovulation test (Tuesday and Wednesday). I have marked them with the star on my duo fertility chart. The duofertility team told me that is was a little unusual to have a long gap (several days between the ovulation tests being positive and the ovulation date) but reassured me by saying that they have seen it before in women who got pregnant. They also recommended taking 2 tests a day, one in the morning and one in the evening to see if I have missed my lh surge.

The ovacue was very confusing again…. I am not sure that I am trusting the results – apparently I have not yet ovulated.

Tomorrow will be the moment of truth!


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