Duofertility chart confirming ovulation

Duofertility chart confirming ovulation

As you can see on my duofertility chart – it looks like I ovulated on Saturday. I will confirm this tomorrow when I have the result of my blood test.

The ovacue has not yet confirmed ovulation but tells me that I am fertile since day 7 of my cycle.

The clearblue fertility monitor is telling me that I am in “high fertility” since day 7 of my cycle.

This cycle I also used the First response ovulation tests and they had a very very faint positive line on the days 10 and 11 ( stars on my duofertility chart).

I got a blood test done this morning, so I should have the result tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Duofertility chart confirming ovulation

  1. Sounds like you’re using lots of methods to determine ovulation. Have you considered charting using the Creighton Model Fertility Monitoring System? It’s easy and there are no LH tests to do every morning. Let me know if you want to know more about it. Baby dust to you! Love, Catherine

    • I have looked into it, and you are right – I should mention it on the blog. I must say that it seems less good than Duofertility. The Duo sensor takes all the measurements when I sleep which gives me a good graph, and I have experts on the phone to talk me through anything I need. So I feel that if I was much more clued up on fertility I would try creighton fertility… but I am not and I feel reassuring to have a fertility specialist look after me!
      And Duofertility has great success rates, so it gives me more confidence.
      I will have to write a post about Creighton as some women may want to know more about it.

      • I don’t know much about duo, okay, actually I know nothing. So I guess I have to check out your posts to get up on it. Creighton is pretty easy and instead of having tech support, you have a teacher whom you meet with who is also available via phone. She helps you learn to chart your bio-markers and evaluate what’s going on with your body. The Creighton Model & NaPro Technology are used mostly by women with disease based infertility so their success rates are between 55-80% depending on the disease. Here’s a link to a post of mine about charting using the Creighton model. It’s a quick introduction http://babystepsandtears.com/some-information-about-charting/ . God Bless, & Baby Dust to you! Love, Catherine

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