Another month of delay

My periods have arrived yesterday, i was hoping to take my pregnancy test today, but i had brown spotting yesterday. My tummy is not sore, but my periods are definitely there.
What a pity, I was hoping that the progesterone would be fixing my problem. I guess it may need time to work. No magic solution for getting pregnant.
I have been quite low as my husband is travelling for work and I was on my own faced with another negative result. I called duofertility to get some support and I was able to speak to an advisor. I didn’t catch her name but she was so helpful. We discussed my options and I feel much more in control. She recommended that I should speak to an IVF specialist to discuss my treatment plan. The fact that I have a poor ovarian reserve mean that IVF clinics will not be very happy to accept me as a patient as I might get their success rate down, but she recommended a couple of clinics who have a good reputation and who are likely to be happy to help us. I feed quite cynical about the private clinics as I think that all they want is my money, but I now feel that she they may not all be like that.
I want to try 2 more months before I see an IVF specialist. To give ourselves the best possible chance of getting pregnant. I need to discuss this with my husband of course, but I feel that this is a good compromise between trying naturally and leaving it too late for IVF to work. This is not about starting IVF, but it is about getting advice from someone who works in a clinic to get another point of view.
I also wanted to know if I would be given clomid, and she said that it was unlikely as it is not in the guidelines for women with low ovarian reserve. Some doctors use their own treatment plan, so it is possible, but apparently unlikely.
The duofertility advisor told me that about half of couples in our situation should be pregnant after 6 cycles, so this is making me feel more normal. But doesn’t stop me being impatient!
I do not think that I will be using the clearblue fertility monitor this cycle as it keep telling me that I have high fertility for most of my cycle, which I do not find helpful at all.


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