Can fertility monitors really give me control?

I am in a better mood today, I guess that I was half hoping that the ovarian test meant nothing and that I would be able to show the world that I could be in control of that too.

I love controlling everything in my life, from my job, to my house, to what my garden looks like…and I feel that getting pregnant is the exception… It want it to happen fast and it is not.

I realise that I am being unrealistic, but I would like to be pregnant by now. Everyone around me seems to get pregnant.

However if I put my rational hat on I realise that actually we know many people that are struggling to have a child, or have been. I guess I see what I want to see.

I am so determined to show doctors that I don’t need them, I want to get pregnant with my husband, and not with a doctor’s help!

I wonder if the monitors are really helping me control this?
I feel that the clearblue and ovacue are giving me more worry and questions than empowerment. I feel confused by the results and they make me wonder if I am normal.
DuoFertility and the ovulation tests are giving more accurate information. But I only like the ovulation tests as my doctor explained that it wasn’t a problem not to see a clear positive result. The duofertility makes me feel more in control, but to be honest, it is more the team than the monitor. They are giving more lots of information and make me feel empowered to tackle this challenge!

Technology alone is not the solution for me.


3 thoughts on “Can fertility monitors really give me control?

  1. Hi, I read you are in Europe, but now I see you’re in Germany, so that explains how you got the ovacue, lol. 🙂 I’m from Belgium and they are not (yet?) shipping here (or I at least didn’t find any site that does).
    Interesting blog. I have the ladycomp and found it such a hassle each morning to take temp at the same time. Then I switched to ovu-sticks but in my case they are nearly always + (even the normal sensitive ones), and on top of that, when I did temp, I couldn’t interpret it because even when cutting out the outliers, my temp still went up and down all the time without a clear trend. I’m curious about your experiences with technology and I’ll be reading more later. 🙂

    • Hi Silinde,
      I don’t know if duofertility ships to Belgium, but I defeinitely recommend that one instead of the ovacue. The results are completely random with the ovacue monitor,

      I have seen the ladycomp – that is for contraception, right? or does it help for conception too?
      I find that I cannot always understand the variation in temperature on my duofertility chart, but I call the experts and they tell me all I want to know. I find that having that support is absolutely key to me staying calm and happy at the moment. I highly recommend it !

      The two of us would do a good team – my ovulation tests are always negative! are you using clearblue? or another brand? I think that they can work well for some people, just not the right thing for us.

      How long have you been trying to get pregnant?

      • Hi,

        The LadyComp (BabyComp version) is for conception although it can be used for the opposite. It indicated with a red led when your fertile days are (mine was almost always yellow i.e. “learning the cycle” actually so it helped me only to get the numbers to input in for example I am using the sensitest dipsticks to determine my ovulation (I’m using the normal ones, not the sensitive version).
        For our number 1 we haven’t been using a lot of extra aids but we started when my brother had his first and she’s 9 while ours is 2. We went to the hospital for testing a year before conception but they didn’t do a lot yet, just blood samples, putting me on diet, semen sample, that kind of stuff. After our first we waited for a year for my period to return (I breastfed so that’s not abnormal, I stopped pumping milk actually a week before his first birthday and then got my period) and then we tried for a year on our own (I read that’s a requirement before going to the hospital unless they found you need IVF/ICSI for the first because for instance your ovarian ducts are blocked); they now again did the blood tests but I also had a HSG/laparoscopy to check for “endometriose” (growth of womb coating where it shouldn’t) or blocked ovarian ducts. The blood test in December 2012 showed I didn’t ovulate but my thyroid was acting out at the time, so I got permission for insemination with hormonal support in February 2013 and it’s May 2013 before administration has approved so this is my first hormonal stimulated cycle, end of the month they’ll do the measurement of the egg(s) and tell me whether I can have insemination this month or not yet. Interesting times for us. 🙂
        I think DuoFertility ships to Belgium but I thought it an awful lot of money for what is in itself a thermometer that sits on your body all day long. As I am in the circus already, my fertility specialist can look at my charts (and see as much or as little as I do in them) so I don’t want the support and don’t want to pay for it either. On top of that, there are some supplies you need to keep on buying, it’s not even a one time investment. For me a big no go because of the financial side.
        I read the OvaCue doesn’t work well when you’re on Clomid so at the moment that would be a no go as well, but I’d still buy/try it if we don’t conceive through the Clomid stimulation and get nothing/something that would go with it if I can find a site that ships to BE. 🙂
        Thanks for letting me pollute your blog with my story and good luck to you.

        Kind regards,

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