Right, my period has started last weekend again – an Easter surprised. I didn’t expect it so soon. I am of course disappointed, but that it apparently “normal”. So I am attempting to stay calm and not to worry too much. It is “only” my 4th cycle, and I have a particularly poor ovarian reserve.


I had a comment on the blog from someone at OvaCue who mentioned that I should use their website to chart my data as the monitor itself may not be able to deal with unusual cycles. My cycles are quite regular so I am not too sure why this was unusual! But anyway, I will input the data at the weekend and I see if I come up with anything more useful than my 2 ovulations dates as predicted by the machine.

My cat played with my duofertility sensor and lost it last month, so I cannot be sure if I have ovulated or not – my temperature went up on a day ( which could be ovulation) but then when I found the sensor back (behind the sofa – when I always leave it on my bedside table!) and put it on it was quite low. I contacted the DuoFertility team and they say that with the limited information they couldn’t tell me if ovulation took place or not. I only have 3 data point in my luteal phase as I ran out of sticky adhesives to attach my sensor, and I forgot to ask them. My fertility expert at duo advised me to see my doctor to get a progesterone test (blood test) and that I should be able to then confirm ovulation for sure. I call the surgery on the 27th and they didn’t have the possibility of getting a blood test done unless I saw a doctor first, and the first appointment that they could give me was on the 5th of April ( today – that is not my luteal phase anymore). No need to say that I didn’t do the test, but the duo team is working with a laboratory and could get me a kit to take my blood at home (it looks like a little system like diabetic people use to check sugar level) and then I send the sample to the lab by post. This was only £20 or so, and I find this a lot more convenient than working with my NHS doctor! I have got it now, so I will be able to do the test if I am in any doubt in future cycles – hopefully not.

I am all set to do better this month with data collection – got a new sensor and plenty of adhesives. I am wondering if I should use the OvaCue again for a cycle to see if it works better with the online software. It would be a good test to do so! So I will probably do it.


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