My DuoFertility chart in March 2013 – my Cat lost my sensor!

The things not to do when you use DuoFertility:

Run out of adhesives – ask the team and they ship this to you super quick – so stay on top of your “stock”.
Leave the cat playing with the sensor – Titi likes to play with the sensor, and she made it disappear for a few days during my luteal phase. I only found it when I hoovered behind the sofa.

Due to those 2 mistakes – I have no idea if I have ovulated or not.

Lessons learned – I hope!
😉df April 2013


12 thoughts on “My DuoFertility chart in March 2013 – my Cat lost my sensor!

  1. Hi if I get a second please can u email me
    Also using duo fertility and clearblue fertility monitor
    Kind regards Laura

      • Hiya I fibs tgat clearblue tells me my peak days are two days before my peak days on duo
        Hope things are going well for u
        Laura x

      • Hiya I have that clearblue tells me my peak days are two days before my peak days on duo
        Hope things are going well for u
        Sorry my iPad does predictive text last reply didn’t make sense, been using clearblue since October ….I don’t think it works for me as my peak days according to duo are not until 2
        Days later!! Always helpful , I am on 34 day cycles at the moment but am confident duo will work for us.
        Laura x

      • As you can see clear blue fertility monitor tells me that I am in “High fertility” during the whole month – I had this again this month!. And when I use the ovulation test, the band remains faint for a few days and then disappear.
        And I have a clear signal on duo…. and I have now confirmed the ovulation twice with blood tests and duofertility was right.

  2. Hi, fascinating blog – will watch with interest.

    Just started using Duo Fertility this month myself. When did it give you your first predictions?

    • I got my first predictions within a couple of days if I remember well.
      They asked a lot of questions about my medical history to help make the predictions as good as possible for me.
      How are you finding it?

      I hope that things are going well for you….I am waiting to see if this month will be the one! Tomorrow, I will do a test in the morning.

  3. Oh fingers crossed for you!

    I’m finding it quite good so far, I’m ovulating a little bit later than is ideal so trying to lengthen my luteal phase with soy isoflavines and vit b6 also.

    Just about to enter my “green days” again so you never know!

    • when you say that you ovulated later than ideal – do you mean that you have a short luteal phase?
      Do you have a good and stable temperature? Maybe progesterone supplement can help you. I am thinking of taking them again this cycle…. as I had a short luteal phase this cycle

      • Yep, shorter luteal phase. Temp was fairly stable last month. I do think progesterone would help but the doctor isn’t keen to prescribe. 😦 I’d like to try it though personally.

    • They have reason, but not sure if it’s good… They want me to take part in a progesterone trial when I become pregnant (assuming I do). So if I took it now I can’t take part and they’re one of the doctors behind the study into affects of progesterone on pregnancy.

      No blog as such, though it’d perhaps have been a good idea as the whole process has been going on a while (I had 3 miscarriages back in 2011 and haven’t fallen pregnant again since) .

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