Follies, triggers and passages

I cannot believe what I may I have to go through in a few months if I don’t get this right…. the pressure is insane!
I am however relieved to see that women still laugh about it all and can keep their spirit high. I need to learn from them!


The universe came through for me! It must have been all the moodiness and swearing of my last post – I usually find this is a good strategy for most things. The scan went pretty well on Tuesday (apart from the nurse rooting round in there like she was digging for gold) and I have 5 follicles growing – 2 at 20mm, 2 at 16mm and 1 at 14mm, as of Tuesday….hopefully the 3 smaller ones will have caught up by tomorrow as I’m going in for egg collection! Arghhhhhhhhhh! I can’t quite believe how quickly this week has gone. I feel pretty unprepared for tomorrow, even though I’m not sure what I should be preparing….I feel like there’s something and I haven’t got time to do it!

Last night I ‘cooked up’ my trigger injection by mixing together 3 vials of meds….seriously they should be giving me some kind…

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