My view of Ovuline

So my first impression is that it is much better than Fertility Friend…comparing apples to apples (they are both free to use).

It is much more user friendly, and it is clearly a lot better than Fertility Friend in terms of what information it gives me.

Now comparing it to duofertility is not very fair given the price difference, but even just on the prediction of the fertile days, I get far too many fertile days with Ovuline ( duofertility gives me 4 or 5 days a cycle and tells me out of those which are best). Ovuline gives me a window of 13 days, so out of a 26 days cycle, that is half of it. 

I think that they are not actually calculating much as it has not taken the input information on the system: my most fertile days according to duo were the 26-28th of June and that matches with my ovulation. But Ovuline says it was from the 23-28, peaking in the middle of that.

So I am still feeling more confident about duofertility.

Ovuline may be good if you have regular cycle , or cannot count on a calendar – but it’s not clear to me that there is much more to it yet.

That said – it was my first month and it may be better in future.


This is my Ovuline chart:




2 thoughts on “My view of Ovuline

  1. Just completed my 4th month using duo …I am more and more certain duo is the most accurate ….my cbfm shows peak days every
    Month as 2days before duo…..
    …..I have also seen my doctor this month who is arranging day 21 bloods for me this cycle to confirm ov but has said looking at my duo charts she is 99% certain I am ovulating each month ….
    I have today had my 2nd session of accupuncture ….I think it’s really helping, it relaxes me so much….I knew nothing about accupuncture until 3 weeks ago but I LOVE it I feel very positive this will help with fertility !!!
    How many months have you been using duo now ?

    • It has been 7 months now but in the last few days I found that I was pregnant…. I am delighted and I do hope that you will get there very soon.
      I agree with you that being in the right frame of mind is ever so important. I must say that the month I got pregnant I only looked at my duofertility chart – I had entered my menstration date in ovuline but I am not particularly impressed by being told that I am fertile for 10 days! this is not helping me plan.
      Laura – I wish you a very successful cycle ahead of you.

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