My pregnant cycle with duofertility

My pregnant cycle with duofertility

This is what my cycle looked like when I got pregnant.
It looks very similar to the other ones…but this time it worked.
I got really worried to see the temperature drop but my duofertility expert explained to me that my pattern still looked good and that I should be confident! She was sooooo right!


12 thoughts on “My pregnant cycle with duofertility

  1. Huge congratulations! I am continuing with Duo Fertility too and starting Clomid next month so nervous but excited all the same. Fingers crossed for a good outcome.

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy x

  2. Well weirdly this last cycle before the clomid produced a very odd pattern. Some high temps that kept climbing (36.6), it’s fallen a bit now but actually still 35.87. Period is late but negative test at 12dpo. All very confusing and probably going to amount to nothing given the negative test, but still enough to mess with my head before starting the clomid. Typical huh?

    And to put the icing on the ‘turn me crazy’ cake – my AMH blood test came in at 15.4 so not awesome either.

    Anyway enough with the crazy venting! I hope you are feeling well – just enough sickness to be reassuring and not enough to make you feel horrendous? Such exciting times for you right now. 🙂 x

    • Hi Vicky,

      How are you getting on? any news on your luteal phase?

      Hun, I want to reassure you that the AMH result you have is brilliant! mine was 2.0! Have you spoken to your duofertility advisor about it? mine shared some data that they had indicating that it wasn’t that important for natural pregnancy ( it matters if you want to do IVF).

      I feel sick enough to reassured that I am well and truly pregnant….but I am not complaining, I know that I am blessed!

      Take care, and don’t worry about your AMH result!

      • Hi, I only just saw this – sorry for the late reply!

        Thank you thank you for that, it is really reassuring and makes me feel less rubbish about the whole thing.

        This month we started our Clomid and I am now 4dpo so I am expecting the 2 wk wait insanity to set in any time now!

        Hope all is going well for you and your baba! x

      • Hello

        Hope your pregnancy is going well and you are feeling good so far?

        Wanted to update you to let you know my first Clomid cycle worked and am now just over 13wks pregnant. I honestly think it wouldn’t happen without the Duo Fertility team who identified my need for the Clomid and enabled me to sway my GP into prescribing it. I am also being treated with Progesterone as well.

        So you were right – I needn’t have worried about the AMH result. So if anyone else is reading this, I hope it helps too.

        Good luck with the next few months!

        Vicky x

      • Hi Vicky,
        The pregnancy is going really well,
        I have had both of my scans now, and just have to wait until mid-April to meet our little one.
        I am so happy for you and so glad that your AMH didn’t get in the way of your pregnancy! I wish doctors would tell women not to worry about their ovarian reserve unless they are doing IVF. Keep me posted on how your pregnancy is progressing.

  3. Hi your story inspires me because I was also told I have very low ovarian reserve.(0.34) and I’m only 27years old.I just started using Duo praying that it works for me like it did you .God Bless on your pregnancy!

    • Thank you for your kind words.
      The pregnancy is going very well and so far there are no issues at all. I really hope that you get a positive outcome soon as well. The midwife told me that I was lucky as she knows that they usually recommend IVF for women like us. And it usually fails as we don’t make enough eggs. The duofertility team was really great at reassuring me, so I hope that you get the same support from them.
      Please keep me posted on your journey.


      • Yes,so far Duo’s support team has been very encouraging. Thank you for wishing me well:-) .I will keep you posted!God Bless.

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