An ovarian test taken for “fun” with girlfriends turned out to be a life changing exercise. Baby plans could not be delayed any longer as my ovaries are much older than I am!

I am an academic and have put a lot of time in my study and career; however it is now time to think about my family if I want to have my own genetic babies.

So here is a blog about my project: get pregnant as soon as I can with my “old eggs”. To help me I have invested in 3 fertility monitors: clearblue, duofertility and ovacue….as I could not find a clear comparison online and wanted to leave a trace of my experience if anyone out there is looking for this information in future.

This is my story…


One thought on “About

  1. Hello,

    My name is Kelly Andrews; I work with Fairhaven Health, the company that makes the OvaCue Fertility Monitor. I came across your blog today – what a fascinating project! I wanted to see if you are currently using the vaginal sensor, as well as the OvaGraph website? There are cases (i.e. some cases of cycle irregularity, ovulatory disorder, etc) when human interpretation of the oral and vaginal trends is necessary, rather than relying on the color coding. We are always available to perform that for you, and/or to show you how to perform that interpretation on your own. Please let me know if there’s any assistance we can provide.

    Wishing you all the best!

    Take care,


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