2 week wait

There is actually a technical terms for that long period after ovulation when you are waiting to  find out if you are pregnant. The doctors call it the luteal phase, women call it the 2 week wait, or 2WW. I find this so much more accurate on how I feel!

We have done everything that we had to do this month, when we should have, but it is really hard to concentrate on something else than ,… “Am I pregnant or not?!, and When can I take a pregnancy test?



Can Acupuncture Get rid of Infertility?

Acupuncture on its own is unlikely to be a cure, but it may help to relax. I have not yet added this to my list of things to test!


I have to confess I was a skeptic of the full acupuncture to remedy infertility thought. My ideas ended up that if the western doctors, some of the greatest fertility professionals with remarkable degrees and their multi-thousand dollar therapies, could not get me expecting… How could inserting a sequence of tiny little needles all over my skin get me pregnant?

Looking at the wonderful impact that acupuncture experienced on me and how I was able to cure my infertility by including acupuncture treatments, I think the only reason why I regarded acupuncture as “substitute medicine” is that it is not based on western expertise.

Acupuncture Aided Me Remedy Infertility.

In my experience, acupuncture offered me with efficient, real outcomes in my quest to treatment infertility. It wasn’t till I began working with acupuncture and Chinese holistic solutions (which also aided me management my strain amounts) – that I…

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