Our 4 months old…time flies

Everything going well…and already thinking of a second baby

We have been blessed by a beautiful (I am probably a bit biased!) baby girl in April. She is an absolute delight, and is filling our days with joy.

I do not spend a day without thinking that it was thanks to Duofertility…and my monitor is “staring at me” every time I open the bathroom drawer…the question is only “when” rather than “if”. In our situation, I think that it would be wise not to wait for too long before we start trying again, as who knows,… this may be our last month for all I know (my cycles may suddenly stop with the onset of menopause).

I had promised not to be one of those bloggers who cannot help themselves talking about their baby despite the fact that it was originally a blog about infertility struggles. As this was really upseting me when I was looking for answers…. as you cannot help feeling happy for the person who has managed to have a child, but at the same time ….”why not me???”.
I of course want to bring some hope to women out there who have been told by their doctors that there is no chance that they will get pregnant naturally… well I proved them wrong, and you probably can too! Thanks Duo fertility!

I will get back to the blog when I am starting to try again – so hopefully not in too long. I have already noticed that clearblue has a new monitor in Boots – I wonder if it is any better?? I will probably have to try it out!


Since my last post

Right – internet is now fixed at home, and I can tell you what happened over the last 4 weeks.

Despite my wonderful temperature and my high progesterone, I was not pregnant last month. Of course, I was disappointed, but that it part of the process… hoping every month that it will be the one I get a good news!

I was still happy to have a lovely a stable luteal phase despite not taking progesterone supplement. My doctor confirmed that with such high progesterone results following ovulation, I wouldn’t need to take extra.

24 april

This cycle is a bit more variable than the last one. I am a day away from having to take a pregnancy test, and except for a bit of a headache, I feel absolutely normal…and therefore probably not pregnant. Reading other people’s comments about early pregnancy it is clear that there is a whole list of symptoms that I should be experiencing by now. I am still optimistic! Who knows 😉

The lovely spring weather in the UK at the moment (Yes, I have learned British irony by now!) means that the house is absolutely freezing and I think that this is causing me to feel under the weather…and this seems to have affected my temperature for the last few days. It has dropped quite a bit for the last 4 days, when I think that it should have remained high. I feel a bit stiffly, so I think that this is making my sleep particularly disrupted, and the fertility advisor told me that this could cause issues with my temperature.

18 may

I have done a blood test to check my progesterone level with the lab duofertility works with, and I got confirmation that I had ovulated, as confirmed by the monitor. My result was 36.6, which is good. So no progesterone supplements for me again! 😉

prog test

Anyway, I will still do a pregnancy test in the morning to see what the result is!

I have bought a pregnancy test from Boots and I have seen that Boots now sells a new type of ovulation tests which seem to do exactly the same job as the clearblue fertility monitor (Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test with Dual Hormone Indicator) and they are a lot cheaper, I am gutted to have spent so much money on the clearblue monitor – which isn’t working for me when I could have tried those for a month are realised that they didn’t work…

On a more technical note, I was happy to see that I could use my duo monitor from the office. Given that I had not internet, the fertility team couldn’t access my data and advise me. But they helped me set up the monitor on my office computer without leaving any traces on the work computer as the last thing I want is my boss to find out that I am trying to get pregnant!

work in progress

I hope that the internet will be better from now on – so I don’t have to write such long posts!

My DuoFertility chart in March 2013 – my Cat lost my sensor!

The things not to do when you use DuoFertility:

Run out of adhesives – ask the team and they ship this to you super quick – so stay on top of your “stock”.
Leave the cat playing with the sensor – Titi likes to play with the sensor, and she made it disappear for a few days during my luteal phase. I only found it when I hoovered behind the sofa.

Due to those 2 mistakes – I have no idea if I have ovulated or not.

Lessons learned – I hope!
😉df April 2013

Right, my period has started last weekend again – an Easter surprised. I didn’t expect it so soon. I am of course disappointed, but that it apparently “normal”. So I am attempting to stay calm and not to worry too much. It is “only” my 4th cycle, and I have a particularly poor ovarian reserve.


I had a comment on the blog from someone at OvaCue who mentioned that I should use their website to chart my data as the monitor itself may not be able to deal with unusual cycles. My cycles are quite regular so I am not too sure why this was unusual! But anyway, I will input the data at the weekend and I see if I come up with anything more useful than my 2 ovulations dates as predicted by the machine.

My cat played with my duofertility sensor and lost it last month, so I cannot be sure if I have ovulated or not – my temperature went up on a day ( which could be ovulation) but then when I found the sensor back (behind the sofa – when I always leave it on my bedside table!) and put it on it was quite low. I contacted the DuoFertility team and they say that with the limited information they couldn’t tell me if ovulation took place or not. I only have 3 data point in my luteal phase as I ran out of sticky adhesives to attach my sensor, and I forgot to ask them. My fertility expert at duo advised me to see my doctor to get a progesterone test (blood test) and that I should be able to then confirm ovulation for sure. I call the surgery on the 27th and they didn’t have the possibility of getting a blood test done unless I saw a doctor first, and the first appointment that they could give me was on the 5th of April ( today – that is not my luteal phase anymore). No need to say that I didn’t do the test, but the duo team is working with a laboratory and could get me a kit to take my blood at home (it looks like a little system like diabetic people use to check sugar level) and then I send the sample to the lab by post. This was only £20 or so, and I find this a lot more convenient than working with my NHS doctor! I have got it now, so I will be able to do the test if I am in any doubt in future cycles – hopefully not.

I am all set to do better this month with data collection – got a new sensor and plenty of adhesives. I am wondering if I should use the OvaCue again for a cycle to see if it works better with the online software. It would be a good test to do so! So I will probably do it.

Duofertility chart confirming ovulation

Duofertility chart confirming ovulation

As you can see on my duofertility chart – it looks like I ovulated on Saturday. I will confirm this tomorrow when I have the result of my blood test. The ovacue has not yet confirmed ovulation but tells me … Continue reading