I am pregnant!!!

The day before my period were due – I had cramps – as I always have around then…with a bit of spotting, but I decided to do a pregnancy test and it was POSITIVE!!!

Given that I had spotting and cramps, I didn’t want to shout for victory immediately and I wanted to be really sure before sharing it with you.

So it is now official, I am 5-1 weeks pregnant (10 days after finding out that I had a positive pregnancy test). The ovulation date was on the 21st of July. We made love 3 times during our fertile days from the duofertility monitor and it worked!

So after being told that my situation was so desperate by a fertility specialist, I feel so happy that we decided to go for a natural option first to improve our chances, and in 6 months I got pregnant!

This is obviously very early days, and I am very careful about telling the world (the blog is a nice place to start given the anonymity!) as I know that I have a high risk of having a miscarriage (25% of pregnancies end up in a miscarriage before week 12).

I have my “booking appointment” with the nurse at the GP surgery later this week and I will keep you posted on how things go. However I will not be talking non-stop about my pregnancy as I remember how painful this was to me when I read other blogs.

This blog was really about trying to find out which were the best solutions for women like me out there and I feel so happy that we got there so quickly!

I am still following a few of the latest things that are supposed to help women get pregnant… and I will post about this – however I will hopefully not be able to test them out!.

I put my pregnancy down to duofertility’s help – 100%

2 week wait

There is actually a technical terms for that long period after ovulation when you are waiting to  find out if you are pregnant. The doctors call it the luteal phase, women call it the 2 week wait, or 2WW. I find this so much more accurate on how I feel!

We have done everything that we had to do this month, when we should have, but it is really hard to concentrate on something else than ,… “Am I pregnant or not?!, and When can I take a pregnancy test?


Since my last post

Right – internet is now fixed at home, and I can tell you what happened over the last 4 weeks.

Despite my wonderful temperature and my high progesterone, I was not pregnant last month. Of course, I was disappointed, but that it part of the process… hoping every month that it will be the one I get a good news!

I was still happy to have a lovely a stable luteal phase despite not taking progesterone supplement. My doctor confirmed that with such high progesterone results following ovulation, I wouldn’t need to take extra.

24 april

This cycle is a bit more variable than the last one. I am a day away from having to take a pregnancy test, and except for a bit of a headache, I feel absolutely normal…and therefore probably not pregnant. Reading other people’s comments about early pregnancy it is clear that there is a whole list of symptoms that I should be experiencing by now. I am still optimistic! Who knows 😉

The lovely spring weather in the UK at the moment (Yes, I have learned British irony by now!) means that the house is absolutely freezing and I think that this is causing me to feel under the weather…and this seems to have affected my temperature for the last few days. It has dropped quite a bit for the last 4 days, when I think that it should have remained high. I feel a bit stiffly, so I think that this is making my sleep particularly disrupted, and the fertility advisor told me that this could cause issues with my temperature.

18 may

I have done a blood test to check my progesterone level with the lab duofertility works with, and I got confirmation that I had ovulated, as confirmed by the monitor. My result was 36.6, which is good. So no progesterone supplements for me again! 😉

prog test

Anyway, I will still do a pregnancy test in the morning to see what the result is!

I have bought a pregnancy test from Boots and I have seen that Boots now sells a new type of ovulation tests which seem to do exactly the same job as the clearblue fertility monitor (Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test with Dual Hormone Indicator) and they are a lot cheaper, I am gutted to have spent so much money on the clearblue monitor – which isn’t working for me when I could have tried those for a month are realised that they didn’t work…

On a more technical note, I was happy to see that I could use my duo monitor from the office. Given that I had not internet, the fertility team couldn’t access my data and advise me. But they helped me set up the monitor on my office computer without leaving any traces on the work computer as the last thing I want is my boss to find out that I am trying to get pregnant!

work in progress

I hope that the internet will be better from now on – so I don’t have to write such long posts!

Another month of delay

My periods have arrived yesterday, i was hoping to take my pregnancy test today, but i had brown spotting yesterday. My tummy is not sore, but my periods are definitely there.
What a pity, I was hoping that the progesterone would be fixing my problem. I guess it may need time to work. No magic solution for getting pregnant.
I have been quite low as my husband is travelling for work and I was on my own faced with another negative result. I called duofertility to get some support and I was able to speak to an advisor. I didn’t catch her name but she was so helpful. We discussed my options and I feel much more in control. She recommended that I should speak to an IVF specialist to discuss my treatment plan. The fact that I have a poor ovarian reserve mean that IVF clinics will not be very happy to accept me as a patient as I might get their success rate down, but she recommended a couple of clinics who have a good reputation and who are likely to be happy to help us. I feed quite cynical about the private clinics as I think that all they want is my money, but I now feel that she they may not all be like that.
I want to try 2 more months before I see an IVF specialist. To give ourselves the best possible chance of getting pregnant. I need to discuss this with my husband of course, but I feel that this is a good compromise between trying naturally and leaving it too late for IVF to work. This is not about starting IVF, but it is about getting advice from someone who works in a clinic to get another point of view.
I also wanted to know if I would be given clomid, and she said that it was unlikely as it is not in the guidelines for women with low ovarian reserve. Some doctors use their own treatment plan, so it is possible, but apparently unlikely.
The duofertility advisor told me that about half of couples in our situation should be pregnant after 6 cycles, so this is making me feel more normal. But doesn’t stop me being impatient!
I do not think that I will be using the clearblue fertility monitor this cycle as it keep telling me that I have high fertility for most of my cycle, which I do not find helpful at all.

Preparing to see my gynecologist

As I am home (Berlin) for a few days, I am going to take advantage to see my doctor.
I am not too sure if I should be discussing the fact that I have been using 3 fertility monitors _ she may think that I am mad.


I have been trying to get to the Ovacue software, but it doesn’t seem to work. Maybe it is because I am in Europe and it can only work from the USA? I will therefore have to plot it on an Excel document. I cannot make sense of it, but maybe she will be able to.
I want to ask my doctor if it is possible to ovulate twice in a cycle. The duofertility team told me that it was very unlikely more than 24h apart. I will see what my doctor says.
I did receive an email from the Ovacue support team, but it wasn’t very helpful.

I have printed my charts to show her what data I have as well as couple of emails I have got from the experts. If my doctor was in England or the USA, I could have provided her with a login details to access it from her practice. This could have been so helpful so I could ask her questions when I have doubts or worry. The duofertility team is good, but I have known my gynaecologist well since I was 12, so I really value her view. It is not the same.
I definitely want her opinion on the possibility of the implantation. And if she thinks that I conceived when that happened. As from what I understand it happened at the time when duofertility told me that I was fertile, but the other monitors didn’t.

Clearblue fertility monitor
I got an email from one of the doctors from clearblue, and he was indicating that the monitor may not work for me as I have a fertility condition. Well I didn’t see anywhere on their site that I shouldn’t have bought it because I have a low ovarian reserve. This seems to me like an escuse for it not to work.
The monitor has not asked me to test yet this cycle, however I have set it up a day too late as my periods started during the day and I wanted to make sure that the testing time would be first thing in the morning to avoid the drama of the first cycle. Anyway I didn’t figure out how to set the monitor to day 2 of my cycle. Hopefully it will not cause issues.
I have made records of the results in my diary, so I can show my doctor that. I am confused as to why I have had no peak so far. Could it be that I do not ovulate? But if that was the case I wouldn’t have got pregnant last cycle? And duofertility couldn’t confirm ovulation?

I hope that my gynaecologist will have answers to some of my questions and be able to help me with my luteal phase. I am worried to lose the pregnancy again if it happens.

Anyway, today is Valentine’s day, so we went out for a nice dinner, but I should not be spending the evening in front of my blog ! I will not get pregnant like that! 😉


My periods started 2 days ago, so I am having a fresh start.
I have been a bit disoriented in the last few days as I have had a faint positive pregnancy test. It was not very clear, but it was definitely there. And then the following day it was negative again.

I spoke with my duofertility advisor who reassured me. It is either that the pregnancy test was duff, or that I had a chemical pregnancy. Given that my luteal phase was quite long and that they could see a sign of implantation, it is likely to be a real pregnancy.
If it is a chemical pregnancy, it is apparently a good sign as it indicates that everything works. I am a bit worried about it as my poor ovarian reserve could indicate a bad egg quality. But my advisor said that 1 in 4 couples experience some sort of miscarriage.

So we are starting again with a fresh mind. But I hope that next time I have a positive pregnancy test, it will be for 9 months.

So implantation is when the embryo gets attached to the womb and starts growing. Apparently this is a time when a whole new set of hormones are being produced. One of those is the pregnancy hormone which get the pregnancy tests positive.
Anyway, it’s the magical moment that I am so looking forward to!!!

I have been loosing sleep over this for a couple of night, but I feel that now that I have spoken to my advisor, I have put things into perspective.