My view of Ovuline

So my first impression is that it is much better than Fertility Friend…comparing apples to apples (they are both free to use).

It is much more user friendly, and it is clearly a lot better than Fertility Friend in terms of what information it gives me.

Now comparing it to duofertility is not very fair given the price difference, but even just on the prediction of the fertile days, I get far too many fertile days with Ovuline ( duofertility gives me 4 or 5 days a cycle and tells me out of those which are best). Ovuline gives me a window of 13 days, so out of a 26 days cycle, that is half of it. 

I think that they are not actually calculating much as it has not taken the input information on the system: my most fertile days according to duo were the 26-28th of June and that matches with my ovulation. But Ovuline says it was from the 23-28, peaking in the middle of that.

So I am still feeling more confident about duofertility.

Ovuline may be good if you have regular cycle , or cannot count on a calendar – but it’s not clear to me that there is much more to it yet.

That said – it was my first month and it may be better in future.


This is my Ovuline chart:



Follies, triggers and passages

I cannot believe what I may I have to go through in a few months if I don’t get this right…. the pressure is insane!
I am however relieved to see that women still laugh about it all and can keep their spirit high. I need to learn from them!


The universe came through for me! It must have been all the moodiness and swearing of my last post – I usually find this is a good strategy for most things. The scan went pretty well on Tuesday (apart from the nurse rooting round in there like she was digging for gold) and I have 5 follicles growing – 2 at 20mm, 2 at 16mm and 1 at 14mm, as of Tuesday….hopefully the 3 smaller ones will have caught up by tomorrow as I’m going in for egg collection! Arghhhhhhhhhh! I can’t quite believe how quickly this week has gone. I feel pretty unprepared for tomorrow, even though I’m not sure what I should be preparing….I feel like there’s something and I haven’t got time to do it!

Last night I ‘cooked up’ my trigger injection by mixing together 3 vials of meds….seriously they should be giving me some kind…

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my progesterone is 190!

This post should have been from the 24th of April! but my internet connection stopped working as I was writing it.

I received the results of my blood test,  my progesterone 190… which is s high, it is outside the “normal bands”. Speaking to Duofertility, it seems to be because took the test so soon after ovulation. This can explain the very high level.

This good news as was worried about having lower than normal progesterone. The do team said that I probably didn’t need progesterone this month, but that I should check with my doctor to be sure.

My duo chart today – I am fertile again!!!!

I have been doing ovulation tests for the last 4 mornings, and I have not yet have a positive or even a faint line. On the DuoFertility monitor I am already fertile and therefore we have already started making love. It seems to give me more notice than the ovulation tests.


So far here are my tests :Image


And here is my Duo chart: