Follies, triggers and passages

I cannot believe what I may I have to go through in a few months if I don’t get this right…. the pressure is insane!
I am however relieved to see that women still laugh about it all and can keep their spirit high. I need to learn from them!


The universe came through for me! It must have been all the moodiness and swearing of my last post – I usually find this is a good strategy for most things. The scan went pretty well on Tuesday (apart from the nurse rooting round in there like she was digging for gold) and I have 5 follicles growing – 2 at 20mm, 2 at 16mm and 1 at 14mm, as of Tuesday….hopefully the 3 smaller ones will have caught up by tomorrow as I’m going in for egg collection! Arghhhhhhhhhh! I can’t quite believe how quickly this week has gone. I feel pretty unprepared for tomorrow, even though I’m not sure what I should be preparing….I feel like there’s something and I haven’t got time to do it!

Last night I ‘cooked up’ my trigger injection by mixing together 3 vials of meds….seriously they should be giving me some kind…

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How to tell friends

I have found a great cartoon on barren betty’s blog ( )
This is such a good example of how awkward meeting old friends can be … most of mine have kids going to school … for the last % years it didn’t bother me to say that I had to put my career first… but now it hurts when the topic is on the table…barrent bettyfriend

Plan of action for June 2013

Right, I am not pregnant… but I have come up with a plan – I am becoming too obsesed by all this monitoring…

This month I went back to ovulation tests + cbfm +duofertility+fertility friend.

Cbfm – clearblue fertility monitor
From day 7 I have had a high fertility level….and this made me worried that something may be wrong with me.
I have said this before – but next month I will not use it! And to be sure, I have asked my husband to sell it on Ebay! So there is no temptation.

Duofertility monitor
It gave me my fertile days, which we used religiously to the letter – not travels, no parties…just baby making …. and it confirmed that I had ovulated. I didn’t do a progesterone test this month as I felt reassured by the last 2 that the monitor works well for me.
The team also contacted me to recommend speaking to my doctor about progesterone again, as I had not taken it for a couple of month. I have been quite stressed with everything this month, so this may have affected my progesterone level…and ability to get pregnant.
The advisor also suggested to stop using the clearblue monitor as it is not helping – of course they would say that – it’s the competitor product!

The ovulation tests
I saw a light band on the test from day 9 until day 14…and then it disappears. So I cannot understand why the clear blue fertility monitor tells me that I am on “high fertility” as it’s using the same method of detection???? Maybe some monitors have different level of detection?? I would have imagined that they were standard.

Fertility friend

I have used fertility friends this month to see what this was all about as I have seen a few people comment on it.
The reality is that it is not so good for me as there is nobody knowledgeable there. Some women on there are claiming to analyse other women’s data, this is probably coming from a good intention, but this is not medical advice and what I read on it worries me more than necessary!
I am keen to use it for plotting my data to see if I learn any more information from it than I do from duo and I will keep you posted. However to reduce my obsession I have asked my husband to do the hard work ( put the data in) and this will hopefully get him a bit more involved 😉
I have also seen 2 new apps called Glow and Ovuline in the media, so I will put that on his phone so we can test it too. I will keep you posted about his impressions and finding.
But for me, this month, I will concentrate on Duo and relaxing as using all those things is probably getting me a bit obsessed about it! And really I get all I need from Duo.

Can Acupuncture Get rid of Infertility?

Acupuncture on its own is unlikely to be a cure, but it may help to relax. I have not yet added this to my list of things to test!


I have to confess I was a skeptic of the full acupuncture to remedy infertility thought. My ideas ended up that if the western doctors, some of the greatest fertility professionals with remarkable degrees and their multi-thousand dollar therapies, could not get me expecting… How could inserting a sequence of tiny little needles all over my skin get me pregnant?

Looking at the wonderful impact that acupuncture experienced on me and how I was able to cure my infertility by including acupuncture treatments, I think the only reason why I regarded acupuncture as “substitute medicine” is that it is not based on western expertise.

Acupuncture Aided Me Remedy Infertility.

In my experience, acupuncture offered me with efficient, real outcomes in my quest to treatment infertility. It wasn’t till I began working with acupuncture and Chinese holistic solutions (which also aided me management my strain amounts) – that I…

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