I am pregnant!!!

The day before my period were due – I had cramps – as I always have around then…with a bit of spotting, but I decided to do a pregnancy test and it was POSITIVE!!!

Given that I had spotting and cramps, I didn’t want to shout for victory immediately and I wanted to be really sure before sharing it with you.

So it is now official, I am 5-1 weeks pregnant (10 days after finding out that I had a positive pregnancy test). The ovulation date was on the 21st of July. We made love 3 times during our fertile days from the duofertility monitor and it worked!

So after being told that my situation was so desperate by a fertility specialist, I feel so happy that we decided to go for a natural option first to improve our chances, and in 6 months I got pregnant!

This is obviously very early days, and I am very careful about telling the world (the blog is a nice place to start given the anonymity!) as I know that I have a high risk of having a miscarriage (25% of pregnancies end up in a miscarriage before week 12).

I have my “booking appointment” with the nurse at the GP surgery later this week and I will keep you posted on how things go. However I will not be talking non-stop about my pregnancy as I remember how painful this was to me when I read other blogs.

This blog was really about trying to find out which were the best solutions for women like me out there and I feel so happy that we got there so quickly!

I am still following a few of the latest things that are supposed to help women get pregnant… and I will post about this – however I will hopefully not be able to test them out!.

I put my pregnancy down to duofertility’s help – 100%


Plan of action for June 2013

Right, I am not pregnant… but I have come up with a plan – I am becoming too obsesed by all this monitoring…

This month I went back to ovulation tests + cbfm +duofertility+fertility friend.

Cbfm – clearblue fertility monitor
From day 7 I have had a high fertility level….and this made me worried that something may be wrong with me.
I have said this before – but next month I will not use it! And to be sure, I have asked my husband to sell it on Ebay! So there is no temptation.

Duofertility monitor
It gave me my fertile days, which we used religiously to the letter – not travels, no parties…just baby making …. and it confirmed that I had ovulated. I didn’t do a progesterone test this month as I felt reassured by the last 2 that the monitor works well for me.
The team also contacted me to recommend speaking to my doctor about progesterone again, as I had not taken it for a couple of month. I have been quite stressed with everything this month, so this may have affected my progesterone level…and ability to get pregnant.
The advisor also suggested to stop using the clearblue monitor as it is not helping – of course they would say that – it’s the competitor product!

The ovulation tests
I saw a light band on the test from day 9 until day 14…and then it disappears. So I cannot understand why the clear blue fertility monitor tells me that I am on “high fertility” as it’s using the same method of detection???? Maybe some monitors have different level of detection?? I would have imagined that they were standard.

Fertility friend

I have used fertility friends this month to see what this was all about as I have seen a few people comment on it.
The reality is that it is not so good for me as there is nobody knowledgeable there. Some women on there are claiming to analyse other women’s data, this is probably coming from a good intention, but this is not medical advice and what I read on it worries me more than necessary!
I am keen to use it for plotting my data to see if I learn any more information from it than I do from duo and I will keep you posted. However to reduce my obsession I have asked my husband to do the hard work ( put the data in) and this will hopefully get him a bit more involved 😉
I have also seen 2 new apps called Glow and Ovuline in the media, so I will put that on his phone so we can test it too. I will keep you posted about his impressions and finding.
But for me, this month, I will concentrate on Duo and relaxing as using all those things is probably getting me a bit obsessed about it! And really I get all I need from Duo.

another month…

This month wasn’t meant to be… as you can see on my chart, I have not seen my husband much this month. Too many business trips to fit much “us time“.

My cycle was particularly short this month, which is not ideal, but I have a call booked with the fertility experts at duofertility to discuss on Monday. I wonder if this is affecting my chances.

Anyway, for a first cycle I thought that the DuoFertility monitor was much better than the ClearBlue.

All my results are logged, so I can look back at the month,whereas the clearblue has no option to go back in time. So I have logged my clearblue  information on my duofertility chart for now.

I am not sure if this was right, but at least duofertility gave me a prediction of my fertile days and then confirmed that ovulation took place on day 13. Clearblue was very late at telling me that I was in “high fertility” but kept telling me this for much longer than reasonable. I cannot ovulate as late as day 20 if my cycle is 22 days long!

The timing of the sample for the clearblue is very inconvenient, I wonder how you are supposed to manage when you go on holidays in a different time zone?? At least I can check my information on the duofertility any day and any time of the day. For my new cycle, I set the menstruation at 6am so I will be able to incorporate this better into my routine. I am not looking forward to the weekend though as that means that I cannot have a lazy morning.

The duofertility sensor is quite comfortable  I have been wearing it day and night, but I have read that other women just wear it at night. For optimum comfort I have noticed that I have to place it where there is no wires on my bra.   So that I cannot feel it during the day. I also wore it in the gym and that didn’t bother me, however I have had to change the sticky adhesive after the gym as I don’t think that it will be very secure given how much I sweat ;).

And this month I am intrigued to start using my OvaCue monitor. I got this in the post last week and I must say that it looks scary! There is a small monitor with an oral probe to place in the mouth first thing in the morning,…. and there is a long metal rod which is supposed to be a vaginal probe. I have not yet tried it, but just handling it I felt that it was super cold! This is also to be used first thing in the morning…so I guess that it will wake me up! 😉

Clearly I am not the only one finding this slightly disturbing

The Ovacue also has a software so I assume that my information will be logged there like in the duofertility, which is good.

Anyway, I am looking forward to another month of fun.