Only 10 weeks to go!


I have not been writing for a while as I remember that having lots of details about pregnancy is never a good thing on a blog addressing couples with infertility.

I just want to let you know that the pregnancy is going very well, almost 8 months now. I am still in contact with the Duofertility team who has been giving me a few tips and advice for the pregnancy, simple things like how to cope with sore nipples when pregnant, or how to look after my skin with the ever expanding size of my belly, what position I can try to improve my sleep…anyway things that I should be discussing with the midwife, but she never has time to discuss it.

With the exception, of those little niggling things, the pregnancy is a blessing, and I am really enjoying it.

I have managed to keep the suspense about the gender of my baby, so I will have the surprise when it decides to turn up, sometimes mid-April if everything goes to plan.

I will write to you all when he/she arrives (or a few days after probably).

Quite a few of you have made comments on my blog over the last few months, and I really hope that you are all doing well and that you have managed to get pregnant, low ovarian reserve is not the end of the world if you tackle it appropriately! Keep positive!

my baby


2 week wait

There is actually a technical terms for that long period after ovulation when you are waiting to  find out if you are pregnant. The doctors call it the luteal phase, women call it the 2 week wait, or 2WW. I find this so much more accurate on how I feel!

We have done everything that we had to do this month, when we should have, but it is really hard to concentrate on something else than ,… “Am I pregnant or not?!, and When can I take a pregnancy test?